01 Feb

London Dentist Offers Cerec Crowns

Regular dental crowns usually take two dental visits to complete. This isn’t the case with Cerec crowns that are now being offered in London. Cerec crown fabrication uses an advanced technical system to make the crowns in a very short time. Your London dentist can make your Cerec crown in 60-90 minutes, and this will save you and your dentist valuable time. A temporary crown is not required, as the Cerec crown will be placed in a short time; before the dental anaesthesia wears off. Cerec crowns are also aesthetic and contain no metal. There are several very slight disadvantages to Cerec crowns including the difficulty in exact colour match, since they are made of standardized porcelain blocks with are milled using computer technology. They are best when used on the back teeth. Also, you need to make sure that your dentist is specially trained in this technology. Your London dentist has received the required training.