26 Oct

London Dentist offers White Fillings

White fillings are another name for composite fillings that are used instead of amalgam dental fillings in your back teeth. They do not contain mercury or metal, and therefore will not stain the tooth they are placed in, adjacent teeth, or the gum tissue. They look great, and are natural in appearance. Your London dentist can match the surrounding tooth structure with the many shades available. These composite fillings are used in situations where tooth decay exists and is properly removed, or if the tooth is damaged.
The restoration technique for composites is more complex than for amalgams, however do not require the same amount of tooth structure removal as amalgam fillings do in many cases. Your dentist will numb the area of your where he is working, and remove the decay and weakened parts of the tooth. Next your dentist will place a base, so as not to damage the tooth’s pulp. The tooth is then etched, and washed and dried. An unfilled resin material is then placed so that it flows into all areas of the tooth preparation. Next, the composite is placed in layers, if necessary so that it can be hardened (i.e., cured) with a special light. These lights only penetrate the composite to a certain distance. So, if the cavity preparation is deep, the composite needs to be placed appropriately so it will harden. Then the composite is shaped using drills, polishing stones and rubber wheels. The mouth must be kept dry while placing the composite.