01 Mar

London Dentist Outlines the Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

What causes tooth abscesses?

A tooth trauma can trigger the formation of an abscess. Tooth traumas include blows to the jaw, loosened teeth, chipped and broken teeth. Tooth decay can also be named as a leading cause of abscesses as severe tooth decay can actually lead to the infection at the root of the tooth that characterises an abscess.

What are the symptoms of an abscessed tooth?

Symptoms include: pain when chewing, increased sensitivity of teeth, swollen neck and inflamed or bleeding gums. If you are worried that you may be suffering from any of these symptoms, consult your local London dental practice immediately.

What treatments are available?

Draining an abscessed tooth is usually the most effective form of treatment. This can be done via a procedure known as a root canal or through the extraction of the abscessed tooth itself. Once the infection has been drained, a crown can be placed over the affected tooth. A course of antibiotics usually follows surgery, this ensures that the infection has been properly treated and eradicated.

How can I prevent abscesses in the future?

Tooth abscesses caused by tooth decay can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene. This involves cleaning your teeth twice a day, cutting back on sweets and sugary foods and keeping regular appointments with your dentist. To avoid tooth traumas you should wear a gum shield when participating in any sports and  consult a professional as soon as you suffer from any incidents such as a lost tooth or a blow to the jaw.