22 Nov

London dentist recommends dentures to replace missing teeth

As dental technology improves with the increased use of computer aided design and manufacture dentists are able to achieve more realistic and lifelike results. One aspect of dentistry that has significantly improved over recent years is the manufacture of dentures. In the past dentures have often been poorly made and fitted and at best only partially lifelike. Perhaps because of this, dentures always seemed to have a stigma attached and were often a source of great embarrassment for wearers. Fortunately this seems to be becoming a thing of the past, relegated to the dental dustbin.
Dentures are required when a patient has lost some or all the teeth in a dental arc. This could be due to periodontal disease or tooth decay, or even as the result of some kind of head trauma. Whatever the cause, tooth loss can be very embarrassing causing several psychological issues such as loss of confidence or self-esteem. But missing teeth affect more than just a patient’s emotional state. Missing teeth in a dental arc can cause remaining teeth to lean or slide into the space. This can cause disruption in bite which can be irritating and even be the cause of painful jaw disorders called TMJ.
Cosmetically, teeth act as supports for much of the facial tissue which will sag if not held in place by teeth. This sunken appearance makes patients look much older than they are and can become permanent if the teeth are not replaced soon after they are lost.
Dentures are artificial sets of teeth that, if fitted correctly should stay attached to the gums by suction alone. Often, if dentures are ill-fitting they can fall out causing embarrassment to the wearer. Many patients resort to wearing sticky and messy dental adhesive gels or strips for extra security. It is now possible to attach dentures using a series of mini implants secured to the jawbone. This provides the added security hat denture patients need without the mess.
It is important for denture wearers to keep up regular visits to the dentist as dentures can cause gum irritation and even erosion that can be very damaging. A London dentist will be able to offer further advice about the benefits and possibilities of dentures.