19 Feb

London dentist replaces missing tooth with dental bridge

Modern dentistry has advanced to the stage that missing teeth can now be replaced with functional and realistic dental replacements. In the past, dental substitutes were usually in the form of plates or partial dentures which were not permanently attached. These were often prone to coming loose or falling out at inopportune moments. Another, more modern option for missing teeth is to have a more permanent dental bridge fitted.
A dental bridge is attached to the existing teeth with either dental crowns or resin-bonded strips, depending on the condition of the teeth. An artificial tooth, also called a pontic, is the attached to the crowns or resin strips to fill the gap left by a missing tooth.
Missing teeth need to be replaced for a number of reasons. Firstly, and most obviously, are the aesthetic reasons. Missing teeth can be quite unpleasant and very noticeable, especially if in the teeth at the front. They can also have adverse effects on profile and facial muscles, which can sag if several teeth are missing. Missing teeth can also cause there to be changes in the way the other teeth are aligned. Gaps can allow teeth to lean and rotate, which may cause painful bite interruptions and jaw conditions.
London dentists offer dental bridges to replace missing teeth as a standard procedure. The cost of a dental bridge varies according to the severity of work needed. A dental bridge can restore the appearance and functionality of a lost tooth and will last for up to fifteen years if properly maintained.