22 Oct

London dentist restores smile with dentures

There are many reasons why a patient may have lost some or all of their teeth. It could be the result of periodontal disease, or tooth decay. It may even be the result of an accident or head trauma. Whatever the reason, having missing teeth can be a source of great embarrassment and cause self-confidence issues. Just as importantly though, having missing teeth can have a negative impact on profile and can ultimately lead to sagging of the facial tissue. For these reasons it is very important to replace the teeth with dentures, or a partial denture if only a few teeth are missing.
Dentures, which act as a removable substitute for teeth, have had a stigma attached to them over the years but this is becoming less of a factor. Technological advances have meant that dentures have vastly improved in quality and appearance. A set of dentures today will look and feel a lot more realistic than the dentures of the past. Modern dentures are normally made from acrylic resins, but a whole new range is being introduced called Valplast flexible dentures. Ask your London dentist about the new ranges of incredibly realistic and comfortable dentures.
If your dentures are constructed accurately, the suction alone should be enough to keep them securely in place. For dentures that are not as well fitted, it may be necessary for some patients to use denture adhesive. Some patients just feel more comfortable knowing that their dentures are secured. But adhesive can be messy and make the eating of certain foods more or less impossible. More and more patients these days are opting for dentures secured by rigid dental implants. This can really provide the security and extra confidence that some denture wearers need.
Dentures are fairly resistant to staining and wear, but they will last longer if they are properly cared for. Removing dentures at night and brushing them twice a day like regular teeth will help to prolong their life. A London dentist will also be able to offer professional denture cleaning services at your regular six-monthly check up. It is important to maintain these visits even if you have no teeth remaining. Dentures can become ill fitting due to changes in the mouth and gum erosion and may need refitting by the dentist for maximum comfort and security.