21 Sep

London dentist says you can't afford to let credit crunch hurt dental care

Everyone knows the old adage ‘Look after your teeth now and they’ll last you a lifetime’. Good standards of oral hygiene and regular dental check ups can prevent massive future expenditure on dental treatment. But in these times of economic worry many don’t see going to the dentist as a priority. While in some ways this is understandable, you do have to consider what the future might hold. A few skipped visits to the dentists and you might miss the onset of tooth decay and gum disease. A few years down the line and you’re have to pay huge sums of money to have a dental bridge or a crown. A few pounds spent now could save you hundreds down the line. Speculating to accumulate, although in this case there is nothing to speculate about.
Another factor to consider is that an overall state of economic depression could increase the need to see a dentist. Stress is one of the major factors that causes bruxism, otherwise known as grinding of the teeth. This can have a serious impact on the bite and will eventually erode enamel exposing the tooth to cavity forming bacteria. Also during recessions people’s diets tend to get worse. They eat cheaper food with higher sugar content which can be very bad for the teeth.
So, although it is understandable that the dentist might not be top of the priority list, when times are tough you really can’t afford not to see a London dentist.