07 Jun

London dentist straightens teeth without wires using Invisalign

One of the major drawbacks with wearing braces is the visual impact it can have on the teeth and the smile. The metal wires and brackets are quite unattractive despite their functional ability to produce great looking teeth. Wearing these ugly braces, especially in the difficult and image conscious teenage years can be very difficult and lead to a loss of self-esteem and in some cases even bullying. But there is now solution to this dilemma that straightens teeth without a significant aesthetic loss to the teeth.
Invisalign braces are clear plastic braces that are almost impossible to see when in the mouth. Made from plastic about one millimetre thick, they contain no wires or any other metal parts. They are specially designed for the individual’s teeth and capable of producing results in three quarters of the time of traditional fixed metal braces.
The system works by replacing the retainer every two to three weeks with a new one designed with slight adjustments. This gradually moves the teeth into the desired position through the course of the treatment. About twenty-five retainers are needed on average to achieve the best results.
The other major advantage of Invisalign braces is that they are completely removable. This means they can be taken out for teeth cleaning and for sports and other social activities. As long as they are worn for roughly twenty hours each day they will still produce the desired effect. The cleaning aspect of Invisalign is particularly important as conventional braces often leave marks when removed because the brackets have covered certain areas when the rest of the tooth has been exposed. With Invisalign you can clean all parts of the teeth right the way through treatment. Ask a London dentist for more information.