14 Feb

London Dentist Talks About Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is now being offered at your London Dental Clinic. There are many advantages to using laser dentistry. These include: treatment precision; quicker treatment; pain reduction; and time it take to recover from a dental procedure, compared to conventional methods. Laser dentistry is very comfortable and safe, and helps the dentist’s precision when performing dental procedures. Only about 5 percent of dentists have lasers in their offices for some dental procedures, sutures and anaesthesia may not be required. Dental lasers also help with blood clotting and reduce bacterial infections. The oral tissues heal a lot quicker with laser dentistry because there is less adjacent tissue damage. Lasers are not used for replacing amalgams, onlays, dental crowns, or bridges. They have been used with great success in detecting dental caries and preparing a tooth for a filling, and many soft tissue procedures. So, visit your London dentist for a dental appointment and see how laser dentistry can help you, and be a comfortable dental procedure!