11 Apr

London dentist talks about Oral Piercing

Oral piercing has become a fad over the years. However, this fad has resulted in many problems that may make one seek emergency dental or medical care after the piercings. Here, your London dentist explains some problems. For example, several commonly occurring problems following oral piercing includes, but are not limited to; swelling in the area of the piercing, pain, inflammation, infections, gum tissue injuries, and increased salivary flow. Other problems include; broken teeth, blood poisoning, and blood clots. During the piercing procedure, if the needle hits a blood vessel, uncontrolled bleeding may result. With tongue piercings, swollen tongues that can close your airway may result, leading to a life or death situation. All of these problems are not usually considered when choosing to get an oral piercing. Your London dentist also explains that oral piercings can increase the transmission of hepatitis B and C, and herpes simplex virus. Oral piercings can also increase the risk of endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valve, and other heart and peripheral blood vessel problems, by introducing oral bacteria into the bloodstream. Numbness and nerve damage may also occur, as well as other difficulties with normal oral functions. Your taste perception may be altered, along with possible allergies to certain metals used, and possible aspiration of the jewellery. Almost 50% of people who have had their tongue pierced had at least one chipped tooth as a result of the piercing over a 4 year period of time. So, be wise, and keep your beautiful smile with the help of the London Dental Clinic.