17 Dec

London dentist transforms damaged teeth with porcelain crowns

It used to be the case that dental crowns had to have a base made of metal to act as a solid foundation, but with today’s improved technology crowns can be made of pure porcelain. This makes modern dental crowns appear very realistic and ideal for transforming the appearance of damaged or discoloured teeth.
Crowns can be used for a variety of dental repairs such as fillings and root canal treatments. The crown acts as a protective barrier against any further damage to the tooth once the repair has been carried out. In the past a metal foundation was needed to prevent crowns breaking when fixed in the mouth but modern porcelain is now strong enough to use without a metal base. This means that porcelain crowns not only keep teeth safe but they also look great. The extra strength of porcelain is enhanced by the use of tooth-coloured dental bonding to cement the crown over the teeth. This provides an extra layer of protection and keeps the crown firmly in place.
New technology available to London dentists also includes CEREC, a system that involves manufacturing crowns from a single piece of porcelain using computer-guided mills. This has improved the strength of crowns and significantly reduced the time needed for design and manufacture. A CEREC crown can be milled in only six minutes and fitted in the same appointment. For patients with badly damaged teeth it is now possible to completely transform the appearance of their smile in an afternoon with porcelain crowns.