15 Feb

London dentist transforms smile with cosmetic dentistry

A trip to the dentist used to mean that you had something wrong with your teeth that was causing pain or discomfort and needed to be sorted. It was purely a utilitarian practice that was a necessity. Over the last twenty years the role of the dentist has changed and they can now provide procedures that rise above the merely functional.
In a world that places increasing importance on appearance, cosmetic dentistry has provided millions of people with the opportunity to improve theirs. The teeth are one of the most obvious factors that affect our appearance to others and with smiling being one of the most important ways of communicating we have, the way our teeth look can affect the way others perceive us and even how we feel about ourselves. Bad teeth can be a source of great embarrassment and low self-confidence.
Cosmetic dentistry is capable of completely transforming a smile by using a number of procedures running simultaneously. This wider process is called a smile makeover and usually includes such treatments as teeth whitening, orthodontic straightening, cosmetic bonding, veneers and dental crowns. All of these procedures can be carried out on their own to make minor cosmetic adjustments to the teeth.
Teeth whitening and veneers are two of the most popular procedures as they can completely transform the appearance of badly stained or discoloured teeth, which can make them look very unhealthy and unattractive. Modern veneer technology allows the design and manufacture of a whole row of porcelain veneers in as little as one appointment. Cosmetic dentistry may not be essential for health reasons but the psychological and mental benefits of treatment from a London dentist cannot be underestimated.