02 Oct

London dentist uses CEREC technology to create lifelike veneers

The advances in dental technology that have been made in the last twenty years are astounding. Dentists’ surgeries are unrecognisable from the intimidating clinic atmospheres of the past and today more resemble health spas. Accompanying these aesthetic changes are the technological leaps, none more so than CEREC. An abbreviation of the term CEramic REConstruction, CEREC is a cutting edge new tool that allows dentists to design, manufacture and install a new crown all in one visit, and with an incredible degree of accuracy. Using the previous laboratory construction techniques, a new crown could take several weeks to manufacture and even then could need further adjusting once in place.
CEREC works by utilising the very latest in computer aided 3D technology. Using digital imaging, the dentist is able to create an exact replica of the patient’s mouth on the computer. They are then able to digitally design a perfectly shaped and sized crown. The dentist can then instruct the computer to fabricate the new crown, once they are satisfied with the projected appearance.
The incredible manufacturing process involves sculpting the new crown from a single piece of porcelain by milling. The entire milling process can take as little as six minutes and is produced to microscopic levels of accuracy. This obvious improvement, in both accuracy and speed, has had significant benefits for patients.
CEREC technology means that replacement crowns can now look more lifelike than was previously possible, and the dentist can even select the specific shade of ceramic to match the patient’s teeth. A staining process may also be used to give it a worn appearance so that it doesn’t stand out.
As a result of this phenomenal new process, waiting times are being reduced, as are appointment times and frequencies, meaning patients spend less time in the often-feared dentist’s chair. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth that requires a crown, ask a London dentist about the very latest in dental technology.