18 Oct

London dentist uses ultra-thin Lumineer veneers

When teeth are cracked or chipped and cannot be fixed by composite bonding, then a veneer or crown may be necessary in order to strengthen the tooth. Veneers are also necessary when teeth have been filled or had root canal procedures to protect the exposed areas. Veneers are not just used to repair damage to teeth and can be used for more cosmetic purposes. For example, teeth that are unevenly spaced or worn down can have veneers attached to improve their appearance.
In the past some dentists and patients have been reluctant to use veneers because they appeared false, but with the improvements in dental technology over the past twenty years there are now veneers that are incredibly lifelike, that act as adequate substitutes for real teeth.
Lumineers, manufactured by Cerinate, are the very latest in veneer technology. Incredibly thin (about the same width as a contact lens) they require a far less significant portion of the existing tooth to be removed before they can be attached. This has often been another reason why dentists have avoided using veneers as they used to require a significant portion of the enamel to be removed in order to attach a veneer, without it appearing too big. In fact, Lumineer veneers are so thin that the process is reversible. They can also fit over existing crowns and dental work, greatly reducing the work and time needed for some procedures, not to mention painful removals.
Lumineers are at the cutting edge of dental technology, and represent a promising future for realistic and efficient dental repairs. London dentists are using Lumineers to repair damage and create stunning cosmetic results to patients. If you think you may need a veneer or are unhappy with a previous crown, ask a London dentist about Lumineers and you could have the natural looking smile returned to your face.