21 Jun

London dentist warn against Silver amalgam fillings

I’ve had a mouth full of fillings done when I was very small and all of them are silver amalgam. Granted they are very ugly to look at but they are hardy and don’t cause any problems .But the recent research ahs proved to be shocker with the FDA of London stating that almost all silver amalgam fillings are dangerous for your health. This is a drastic diversion from the stand which the FDA had maintained for several years that the silver amalgam filling material is completely safe for use in the oral cavity.Silver amalgam fillings have long been a mainstay of all dentists as they are cheap, easily done and very hardy. But there have been whispers for a long time from alternative medical practitioners about the ill effects of the mercury which is used to make the silver amalgam so pliable. On June 2nd,a class action suit filed by dentists and consumer groups was won by the consumer advocate groups and the FDA has now changed its tune 360 degrees. Research has been around since 1926 stating that mercury in silver amalgam fillings can be dangerous for patients and the fact has been reinforced by many dentists who are no longer using the material as a restorative inside the mouth. Dentists are now pretty confused and it’s the duty of the FDA to provide detailed guidelines on what will be the safest way to use this material inside the mouth.