16 Mar

London Dentists Acknowledge That Fluoride Is Potent Enough To Damage Brain!

“It is still not clear as to the benefits of fluoride on teeth can outweigh the harmful effect of the same on the brain by drinking fluoride-excess water,” reports the Institute for Children’s Environmental Health.”Fluoride is supplemented in tap water to reduce problems of tooth decay; however, it should be noted that there is ample fluoride in tooth supplements and products and a majority of foods and beverages are also rich in fluorine,” remarks a dentist based in London.
He further emphasizes that studies showed poor neurological development and deficient IQ in those children that born to mothers with poor maternal thyroid levels due to high ingestion of fluoride. Since the routes of excess fluoride ingestion are many it is very important to ascertain as to what level of toxicity will lead to poor IQ and other learning and developmental disabilities in children. Several organizations raise their voice to contain fluoridation of water so it can reduce ingestion of fluoride by some extent.
Children born neurological deficits such as attention deficit disorder, autism etc due to the toxic fluoride ingestion by their respective mothers challenge the entire dentists’ community who are of the opinion that fluoride is good for teeth hitherto and ask them to retrospect the same.
The National Research Council that has reviewed the effects of fluoride toxicology reported there is persuasive evidence of fluoride excess on brain functioning.