28 Aug

London dentists advise use of mouth guards in sports

Anyone who takes part in any kind of sporting activity, especially children, will be highly benefited by using a mouth guard. It can be used for both your upper as well as your lower teeth, protecting them from harm in case of an impact.
It is also helpful for people suffering from teeth injury. Any London dentist will assure you that they can fit a mouth guard into your teeth and you will not have to undergo any pain. There are many who get injured while playing a sport. Over 3.5 million adolescents below the age of 15 get injured in a contact sport or a recreational activity every year. In fact, members of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey in the London highly recommend the use of a mouth guard for any child involved in a contact sport. According to them, around 15% of all children aged 1.5 to 4.5 years suffer trauma of some kind to their baby teeth.
Having a mouth guard is no problem at all. It does not restrict your breathing or speech in any way. Besides, a mouth guard is also easy to clean. You can place it inside a container and clean it by using a toothbrush. One thing that you need to take care of is that it should not be left exposed to sunlight or to hot temperatures.
One can regularly use the mouth guard. Besides, it also protects your gums and lips from injury by cushioning any impact that can shatter your teeth or cause extensive injury to your tongue, jaw, face or lips. Mouth guards are also helpful in reducing the severity and the possibility of concussions.
The benefits of a mouth guard far outweigh any inconvenience you may think they are likely to give you or your child. It is highly recommended that anyone who plays sports where there is even a slight possibility of getting your teeth injured should consider getting themselves a mouth guard after consulting your dentist immediately.