01 Sep

London dentists assess patients to check suitability for dental implants

Dental implants are basically substitutes for the root part of a tooth that has been lost for whatever reason. They are a very secure method because the implant is placed right next to the jaw bone so that they will fuse together. The titanium that implants are made from has a natural propensity to osseointegrate with bone and is also advantageously a very light weight material. Your dentist can then attach a replacement tooth into the housing provided by the implant.
To have a dental implant placed in your mouth you will need to undergo invasive surgery. This needs to be done under the duress of local anaesthetic while your dentist is making an incision in your gum. As such the process is not suitable for everyone and your dentist will need to make a thorough assessment to see if you are an appropriate candidate for dental implants.
Because the incision will need to heal, it is important that patients undergoing dental implant surgery have the proper ability to clot blood that is not inhibited by any factors. Those who are on drugs to thin their blood might not be suitable candidates and the same can be said of those who are on immuno-suppressive drugs or the birth control pill. Without the ability to heal the wound there can be complications, which dentists obviously want to avoid.
London dentists assessing patients for their suitability for dental implants will not necessarily be concerned with the age of the patient. The general health of the candidate is far more important and it is quite possible that an eighty year old in good health will be more suitable for dental implants than somebody much younger.