12 Sep

London dentists can advise patients about the practicalities of having dental implants work done

Anyone making a decision about whether to go through with a major piece of dental work would do well to arm themselves with all the facts about exactly what is involved in the process. As dental implants are becoming more popular in the United Kingdom, London dentists are increasingly being asked by patients to explain all of the ins and outs of what dental implant surgery will mean. Read on to find out more.
If you undergo dental implant surgery then your dentist will have to ask you a few questions first of all. Because local anaesthetic is required for your dentist to make an incision in your gum, it is essential that your general health is assessed. As with any surgery, the most important thing is that the recovery will be successful so that complications can be avoided. If the ability of your body to heal properly in the face of a wound is compromised then you might not be the right candidate.
The whole process of dental implants is a fairly lengthy one because your dentist will need to be assessing how well the area is healing for him or her to fit in the permanent replacement tooth into the implant. Advances are being made all the time and some methods allow the permanent replacement to be fitted in as little as three months but it usually still takes from six to nine months in most normal cases.
Dental implants are not a cheap option because of the time that the process takes, the complicated process and the materials involved. A single dental implant might cost about a thousand pounds to be placed.