17 Dec

London dentists create perfect smiles with amazing new Lumineer veneers

You would give your hair and skin a makeover, so why not your smile? As your hair loses the natural sheen of youth over time, so your teeth will inevitably become duller with the passing years and it is likely that gaps will appear. But your smile is one the first things that new people will notice about you and it is important that it is something you can be proud of. The cutting edge techniques of Lumineer veneers can reshape and improve your smile so that you can show it off with confidence.
Lumineers are often called contact lenses for teeth because they are so thin. Because of this, hardly any preparation is needed to apply Lumineers to your teeth, unlike traditional veneers which sometimes require a substantial portion of your existing tooth to be shaved off. If your existing teeth are left intact by the application of Lumineers then the process can even be reversed if you should change your mind. But they are extremely durable and the cerinate porcelain that they are made from should last more than two decades
Lumineer veneers are so thin that they can fit over existing bridge or crown work and solved all of your problems with crooked, stained or dull teeth. If your London dentist is registered with Lumineer, he or she will be able to start the process of fitting the veneers which are only available from the dedicated Lumineers labs in the United States. Take the first step towards smiling with increased confidence.