02 Mar

London dentists fit braces to give patients stunning smiles

Many people simply live with the fact that they have crooked or misaligned teeth, preferring not to think about it. But there is no need to do so when dentists can offer comprehensive treatments that will change the look of your smile forever. You will notice the benefits of having a smile you are proud of immediately by putting people at ease with your confidence.
Braces work by pulling your teeth into the desired position, gently, over time. They really are amazing pieces of precision engineering. Your dentist will either take a mould of your teeth using dental putty, or, as is increasingly the case, take a digital x-ray of your teeth and then determine how your teeth can be optimally shifted into more desirable positions.
They metal brackets will be fitted to your teeth and through these strong metal wires will be threaded. These wires can be adjusted by your dentist at regular appointments where he or she will assess how the realignment of your teeth is going.
The treatment time of braces can be rather long, averaging about two years. But you can be safe in the knowledge that, after the treatment, your smile will be changed forever. There is no job too big or small for braces and they can rectify problems with alignment, crooked teeth, over crowding or spacing issues.
There is no need to be ashamed of the way your teeth are set out and braces can be worn at any age. Of course when you are younger and your teeth are still developing this is the optimum time but you should not be put off asking your London dentist about braces, no matter what your age is.