01 Jul

London dentists have all the best advice for patients curious about dental implants

For those who are having to deal with the fact that they have lost teeth, there are a number of different options. Like every choice there are pros and cons about each solution and it is important that you seek advice and do your research about which solution is going to be the most suitable and advantageous for you. Who better to ask for guidance than your London dentist?
One procedure that dentists are being asked about with greater frequency is dental implants. Patients are curious about it as a method of replacing lost teeth and they want to know about what the procedure involves and what is achieved once it has been done. No dental treatment should be taken lightly and it is quite proper and correct to ask about these things.
In a nutshell, dental implants represent the replacement of the root part of the tooth with a device that can have a substitute tooth secured into it. Necessarily this will require fairly invasive surgery because the dentist performing the procedure will need access to beneath the gum. Usually this is carried out under local anaesthetic as general anaesthetic can only be administered in hospitals.
As such, dental implants are not suitable for everybody. Those who have issues surrounding the ability of their blood to clot might need to look elsewhere for a solution to their tooth loss. The same can be said of those who are in particularly poor health generally. Your dentist will always give you a thorough examination to determine whether you are a suitable candidate or not. The age of the patient is not necessarily of import; general health is more vital to take into consideration.