31 Mar

London dentists have all the expert solutions to tooth and gum disease

Having a healthy mouth has a great many benefits. The ability to talk, eat, drink and smile in comfort are things that you might easily take for granted if you have a mouth which is free from problems. But the reality is that if you stop taking care of your teeth then you are leaving your mouth open to tooth and gum diseases which will stop you from being able to talk, eat, drink and smile with the comfort that you have become accustomed to.
Plaque presents a great danger to the health of your mouth. It is a substance that is created every time you eat, particularly food and drink which contains a high level of sugar and or starch. If left on teeth, plaque can attack the hard, protective enamel and cause it to break down, leaving your teeth exposed to acids which can erode them. Plaque is also a major cause of gum disease, leaving them inflamed, swollen and painful.
You might find that cavities begin to form in your teeth, small holes which will require fillings with dental composite. In severe cases, teeth might even need to be removed because they are so broken down that they are unable to function properly even if they have fillings installed. In bad cases of gum disease your teeth are also at risk of being lost because the bones holding them in place can become inflamed.
As advised by your dentist you should be brushing your teeth at least twice every day, using a fluoride tooth paste and flossing so that plaque cannot build up between the teeth. But be sure to visit your London dentist every six months too so that early signs of tooth and gum disease can be spotted.