12 Jul

London Dentists Help Improve Your Aesthetic Appeal

Cosmetic dentistry is one field of dentistry which mainly focuses on your aesthetic appeal. If you want to perfect your smile or correct the alignment of your teeth cosmetic dentistry is the way to go. Your local dentist in London will be able to help you out here by suggesting the possible options that can be explored for your case.
Every individual is different from the other and so are his teeth. Hence, going for something your friend opted for might not be the perfect solution for you even if you two have the same ailment. Hence, it is pertinent that you visit your dentist who will be able to examine and suggest the best possible method that can be used. Dental bridges and implants are two of the most widely performed procedures in cosmetic dentistry.
The first time you visit the dentist; he checks your teeth and gums and then suggests what can be done. In the case of dental bridges, he has to prepare the surrounding teeth so that they are able to support the artificially modeled teeth. The dental bridge is used to hold the teeth perfectly where it is expected to and is more reliable than implants. The dentist prepares an exact replica of your teeth on a putty-like material which is used by a skilled lab technician to model the artificial teeth. This is very important since if the bridge is not proper, there are chances of cavities and tooth decay.
With proper oral care dental bridges are known to endure the wear and tear for several years and come very cheap when compared to implants.