09 May

London dentists help patients with their flossing technique

The fact that there are such high rates of gum disease in the United Kingdom provides a worrying piece of evidence that just not enough people are flossing their teeth, or if they are, they are not doing it well enough. If you have not flossed before then it might seem like a daunting task and you might believe that you will not be doing it correctly. When you brush your teeth you can feel whether you have done it properly by running your tongue over your teeth, but the beneficial effects of flossing are more subtle and not as immediately noticeable.
The aim of flossing is to remove potentially damaging plaque from between your teeth where it is just as at home as one the surfaces if your teeth. This is vital in the fight to stop dental decay and also gum disease, which actually causes the most instances of tooth loss amongst British adults. The good news is that dental floss is easily available from super markets and pharmacies and is very cheap too.
You should floss after you have brushed by tearing off a manageable length of the floss from the container in which a roll of it is housed. Then pull the floss between the gaps of your teeth, gently moving it back and forth and up and down to rid the area of plaque. Many people are put off after just a single attempt at flossing because it can often causes light bleeding from the gums. This should not carry on after the first few goes as your gums become hardened to the process.
If you have any questions about flossing, your London dentist will be able to answer them and help you to become an expert in a part of your dental hygiene that is very important and beneficial.