08 Jul

London dentists help their patients to choose which tooth brush to use

To make sure that your dental health is the best that it can possibly be it is important to use the correct equipment. But this is not necessarily an easy thing to achieve, what with the huge variety of choices that is available. Any trip to a supermarket or pharmacy or even a browse on an online retailer reveals a massive array of different tooth brushes. Following a few simple pieces of advice can help you to make the right choice and keep your teeth nice and healthy for many years.
It is important that your tooth paste is comfortable to hold. You will be using it at least twice a day so it ought to fit neatly into your hand and be easy to manoeuvre around your mouth. The head should be small enough so that it can reach all the different parts of your teeth but not so small that it has few bristles on it.
Some people prefer to use an electric tooth brush because the vibrating motion is more effective at removing plaque but these represent a more expensive option. For those with sensitive gums it might be wise to choose a brush with softer bristles but bear in mind that you still want to be robustly removing plaque from your teeth so that it doesn’t harden into tartar or cause cavities to form. Brightly coloured tooth brushes can help encourage the very young to brush their teeth.
Whichever tooth brush you choose, remember that, over time, the bristles become worn away and frayed and have less effect. Make sure you are replacing your tooth brush when necessary. Your London dentist will be able to advise you about which tooth brush is the best option for you and your needs.