16 May

London dentists help to give children the best start in life by securing their oral health

Children’s teeth need looking after just as much as the rest of them do. By bearing a few bits of simple but effective advice in mind you can help give your child the start in life that they deserve by keeping their teeth strong and healthy. Sometimes it’s not easy to get children to co-operate but it will be worth your efforts in the long run because any issues that affect a child’s teeth will be something they have to live with as they grow up.
Establishing a good relationship with your local London dentist when your child is at a young age is very important. This normalises the contact between them and your child will come to see it as a routine part of their life to go and see the dentist. It is also important so that any potential bothersome problems can be spotted early and dealt with effectively.
Your London dentist will be full of excellent advice about whether your child could benefit from dental sealants to help protect them from plaque and how best to get your children to take responsibility for their own brushing. Offering incentives can be effective here, but it needs to be established quickly that brushing and taking care of teeth is something that they will benefit from and need to practice diligently.
We only get one set of healthy teeth so don’t compromise the health of your children’s teeth. Make sure that they are eating the right foods at the right time and brushing with a fluoride tooth paste in the morning, at night and after the sugary snacks which should only be treats.