02 Apr

London Dentists Help With Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety occurs frequently, and seems to occur more frequently in men than women. Even patients that seek regular dental care experience dental anxiety. Dental anxiety affects patients, but can also cause undue stress and anxiety on the dental staff and even the dentist. People with dental anxiety usually do not visit the dentist until their dental problem becomes painful or a major aesthetic problem. These people make dental appointments, and then are too afraid to keep their appointments. Your London dentists can help you to manage your dental anxiety. They are very understanding and will take the extra time required to help with your dental problems, and help you to maintain your dental health. Some of you have probably had negative dental experiences as a child, and these unpleasant experiences are remembered in adulthood. There are currently several new techniques and technology that can help you to overcome your dental anxiety, including pleasant aroma therapies rather than unpleasant chemical dental odours. Your London dentist may give you some sedative medication prior to your dental visit to help you relax, and/or use nitrous oxide conscious-sedation. With the newer dental drills, lasers, and other technologies recently made available in dental offices, your visit does not have to be a painful visit. Also, the application of topical gel anaesthesias, very thin needles, and local anaesthetic warmers, the process of becoming numbed prior to a dental procedure is relatively painless. Your London dentists will not make you feel bad about neglecting your dental health, and are very compassionate. Many reasons exist why people avoid the dentist, but dental anxiety does not have to be one of them. Upon arrival at the London Dental Clinic, let the staff know that you are anxious, and they will help you to feel as comfortable as possible.