16 Mar

London Dentists Implant Solution Perfect For Missing Teeth

A husband came in along with his wife who had 2 missing incisors on the upper jaw and 1 incisor and a canine missing on the lower jaw to the right side of her face. She lost teeth in an accident. She was no doubt not smiling her normal self.We told them that a missing tooth or teeth would cause remaining teeth to rotate, shift and make them crooked. The gaps in the teeth impart speech impairment as well as a sense of embarrassment and needless to say poor self-esteem and confidence. We also told that missing teeth could result in improper and proper chewing of food becomes a problem. To address this we offered dental implants procedure.
A dental implant is usually a metal screw that is designed to thread well into the jawbone thus enabling for attachment of dental prosthetics. These are made of medical-grade titanium or of titanium alloy most of the time because of its great biocompatibility.
The implant consists of titanium screw as well as crown. First off a hole is drilled at edentulous site, the titanium screw is then guided to hold implant in place. Following this, the protective cover screw is fit on top so it enables the site to heal well as well as the implant to anchor well. After some time (many months), the cover is removed and an interim crown is fit on top of the dental implant so it will serve as a bed for the gum to grow and shape in. The implantation is said to be complete when this crown is replaced by a permanent one.
Convinced of this restorative functionality of teeth, the couple gave a nod to dental implants procedure. Want more reasons? The success rate of dental implants in general is about 95% and more for lower jaw relative to the upper jaw teeth.