07 Mar

London Dentists Now Offer Cerec Crown Technologies

Chances are, if you need crowns, you would prefer not to have to go back for a second procedure. Today, Cerec crowns can make this goal achievable. Fortunately, you can find a dentist in London that makes use of this technology. You may even be surprised to find that the total cost of the procedure is not significantly higher than more conventional methods.
As you may be aware, Cerec crowns make use of computer guided equipment to create your new crowns. Typically, this will be achieved within just a few hours. Once the crown is made, your dentist can place it on your tooth instead of a temporary crown. Along with saving time, you will also find that having a permanent crown in place is much more comfortable than using a cap.
Unfortunately, if you need to have crowns placed on your front teeth, you may not want to use Cerec technology. While the crown will have the correct shape, it may not match the color of your other teeth. As may be expected, you can always consider having a smile makeover later on in order to correct this issue. Or, you may simply decide that the discoloration is not enough to be of concern to you.
Regardless of whether you have a broken tooth or a cracked one, Cerec crowns can reduce the amount of time required for tooth reconstruction. This, in turn will make it easier for you resume normal activities. You may also find that the total procedure price will be a bit cheaper, as it will require fewer follow up visits. As this technology improves, you may find that your dentist will eventually be able to match the exact color of front teeth that require reconstruction. Until that time, you may want to use more conventional crowning methods for managing front teeth.