09 Sep

London dentists offer dental bridges and patients leave the surgery with a full set of teeth

There are a number of different ways that patients who have lost a tooth can get it replaced. They each have their own pros and cons and if you find yourself in that situation then it is worth spending a little time thinking about the different options so you can decide which is best for you. The best person to discuss these options with is your dentist in London who will have access to all the facts that you will need to make up your mind.
Dental bridges are a convenient way to replace a lost tooth securely in the mouth with a durable replacement. Essentially there are three types of dental bridge that all work on the same principle of securing a replacement tooth to surrounding remaining teeth using strong dental bonding techniques.
The type dental bridge that a dentist will choose for each case will depend on the position of the lost tooth. If a patient has lost a tooth at the front of the mouth then the concern of the dentist will be to preserve the aesthetics of the smile as this dental bridge is potentially on full display. He or she will tend to choose what is called a Maryland or resin bonded bridge which is type of bridge specially carried out so that the bridge is concealed.
Because bridges rely on the surrounding teeth to support the strain of the false tooth then a special type has to be used if there is only one tooth available to support the bridge. This is called a cantilever bridge and involves the London dentist securing the false tooth on one side only. In most cases a regular or fixed dental bridge will be used.