02 Dec

London dentists offer effective remedies for bleeding gums

The greatest cause of tooth loss in Britain is not, in fact, tooth decay itself. Gum disease leaves your teeth at far greater risk and, with around seventy five per cent of Britons older than thirty five suffering from gum disease of some kind, it is something which needs to be taken very seriously indeed. If you begin to experience bleeding from your gums you ought to make an appointment with your London dentist as soon as you can.
The most common form of gum disease is called gingivitis and is usually indicated by bleeding of the gums. This may occur when you are brushing your teeth or flossing and you might find that eating and drinking have become painful. The good news is that gingivitis can usually be avoided by following a normal dental hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice a day and keeping a schedule of six month visits to your dentist.
If bleeding gums and gingivitis are left untreated worse may follow. The advanced form of gingivitis is called periodontitis and is extremely painful. If contracted, periodontitis leads to the bones which hold your teeth in place becoming inflamed. This can eventually lead to tooth loss but it needn’t get to this stage if you are sure to inform your dentist of any problems you have with bleeding gums.
Your London dentist might recommend that you need to improve your home oral hygiene routine or advise that you use a special mouthwash suited for gums. In some cases you might be prescribed antibiotics. This can only happen if you keep your dentist up to date with what is happening in your mouth and report bleeding gums quickly.