18 Mar

London dentists offer Inman aligners to give patients healthy looking smiles

Getting your teeth straightened out into a smile of which you can be proud, no longer requires the wearing of a metal brace for several years. There is an incredible new product that is available and being widely used by United Kingdom dentists that straightens teeth quickly and efficiently and, best of all, in a far more discreet fashion that traditional metal braces can.

It is called the Inman aligner and it works far quicker than traditional braces. The average treatment time is an amazing six months, compared with two years for metal braces. The only visible part of an Inman aligner is a single metal bar running across the front teeth, far more preferable than all the metal brackets and wires that make up a traditional brace.

The fact that Inman aligners are completely removable too is a huge bonus for those who hate the thought of all the food getting stuck in the workings of a traditional metal brace. After you have eaten, you can simply take your Inman aligner out to clean it and your teeth effectively and without the need to worry about food being trapped for the rest of the day.

So how do Inman aligners work? They use the power of a coiled spring which is quite concealed from view yet works effectively to push the teeth gently against the straightening bar at the front of the mouth. Small alignment issues are easily dealt with and your teeth can be straightened perfectly by Inman aligners. Rotating of teeth, however, is not possible with an Inman aligner.

They are surprisingly affordable as well, roughly the same as most orthodontic treatments. So don’t hesitate to ask your London dentist about Inman aligners and what they can do for you.