01 Mar

London dentists offer Lumineers

Veneers are used as a means to restore the aesthetic appearance of a damaged tooth surface. The material used for veneers can either be porcelain or a composite material which is bonded to the tooth. However, the problem with the ‘old school’ way of placing veneers on damaged tooth is that patients need to undergo an extremely painful surface preparation.
Today, there is an alternative solution which works just as good as veneers, but is pain-free. This is called Lumineers. These are also made of porcelain, but the one used in Lumineers is a patented material called Cerinate.
Cerinate is applied directly to the tooth’s surface and the material used is only as thin as your typical contact lenses. The process is extremely painless, because the London dentist would not need to grind or shave off a portion of the original tooth to place the Lumineers.
Aside from these, take a look at the following advantages of Lumineers over the traditional veneers:
1. Lumineers are leak and crack-resistant.
Unlike the traditional veneers, the laminated material used for Lumineers are wafer-thin. In spite of this, Lumineers are resistant to the micro-level of leakage and cracking which porcelain veneers are subject to.
2. Lumineers are less expensive and they last as long as traditional veneers.
Due to the advanced technology used in manufacturing Lumineers, the material would last as long as traditional veneers, probably even longer. Another good thing about Lumineers is that they actually cost less than the porcelain or composite veneers. Also, this type of material is not subject to staining or discoloration. This is one major problem encountered by individuals who have porcelain veneers.
3. Lumineers offer a time-saving, affordable and comfortable alternative to braces.
Traditional orthodontic methods for correcting crooked, uneven teeth may take as long as two to three years, sometimes even more. In addition to taking a long time for the oral problem to be corrected, metal braces are uncomfortable and they are quite expensive. With Lumineers, you will have an affordable, time-saving and more comfortable alternative to braces. This way, your teeth will be straightened and the dental problems will be corrected in half the time that it will require for braces to be places on your teeth.
Naturally, there is a downside to choosing Lumineers over traditional dental solutions to correct imperfectly aligned teeth. There is a limited number of dental cases which can be corrected with Lumineers, since there is little or no reduction done on the original tooth. If worn improperly, Lumineers or even the traditional veneers can crack, chip, or be damaged in one way or another. Finally, if a London dentist is ill-equipped to handle the placement of Lumineers on your teeth, the color, appearance and translucency of your smile may be uneven.
To sum it all up, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to using