14 Feb

London Dentists Offer Lumineers

Lumineers are being offered as a cosmetic solution in London. Lumineers are extremely thin porcelain veneers that require little to no tooth preparation. They are composed of patented Cerinate, an ultra-thin porcelain material. Lumineers can be are used to reshape and whiten your smile, and can cover your worn out or discoloured teeth, making them much more attractive. Lumineers can also be used to close gaps that exist between your teeth. Because there is no or very little tooth preparation necessary, Lumineers placement is considered to be a reversible procedure. If you don’t like them, your dentist can remove them and re-polish your natural teeth. Lumineers are an excellent choice for slightly chipped, damaged, and/or stained teeth, or mal-positioned teeth. They can also be used over dental crowns/bridges that are already present in your mouth to achieve a good colour match. So, visit your London dentist for a consultation for Lumineers!