20 Mar

London dentists offer painless dental procedures with Waterlase

The thought of a painful dental procedure is enough to put people off getting that work done in their mouth that know they ought to get done. For some, even the sound of a dental drill fills them with fear and they would rather not visit the dentists’ at all. But if work is needed then you should have it done so that the problem doesn’t get any worse than it already is. Thankfully, a revolutionary new technique is being widely utilised by dentists and it ought to allay many of peoples’ fears about dental procedures.
The Waterlase technique is like a dream come true for those who don’t like dental drills. It uses the power of targeted jets of water instead of the drill. Many of the same problems can be dealt with but in a way that is so much more comfortable than before. Cavity, protection, caries removal and some gum procedures can all now be carried out with Waterlase.
What patients who have experiences Waterlase say is that there are no more unpleasant vibrations and the unfortunate tendency of drills to overheat is a thing of the past with Waterlase procedures. The cold water that is used in the technique is far more comfortable for the patient.
But Waterlase is not only water, it actually harnesses the power of lasers too. This makes it far more efficient than many traditional methods, allowing dentists to target the exact spot requiring treatment with incredible accuracy.
If you require work done on a cavity or some small caries that have developed, but are anxious about treatment using a drill, then you should talk to your London dentist about the amazing results that can be gained from using Waterlase.