20 Mar

London Dentists Offer You Tooth Tattooing

Aesthetic Dentistry has gone a step forward, and similar to nail art and body art, there is something called tooth art as well for those fashion geeks that want to make their style quotient pronounce loud via this new-found art. Not just for the emo-styled people, today there are kids coming to the dentiques and asking if a dentist could offer these services. London dentists are gearing up to offer these to the fashion-conscious Londoners.It can be called a tooth tattooing too and the dentists say that it’s the most happening thing in the youth. Having said that, there are people who would want to lay their hands on it but left with some apprehensions.
“These tooth tattoos are temporary as well as tooth-friendly decals that can lie sticking to the front teeth and stay for a time of 24 hours and peeling them off is also very easy,” says a busy tooth tattoo expert in London.
“So, when you are going to meet your first love first time out, you can go out sporting a heart tattoo and your first love is going to fall flat for it, and if you want to patch up a strained relation with your buddy you can approach the person with a peace sign or a happy face tattoo on your front teeth and the tattoo can patch it up all than you can ever imagine,” says tattoo expert.
“What more? Since these are developed by dentists they are safe and non-toxic and doesn’t harm your teeth and you can go to any extant to create your own look and smile and go expressing the tooth way and you can smile your attitude,” proclaim the expert.