12 Sep

London Dentists Opinion about Dental Flossing

A bundle of thin filaments made of Nylon, Teflon or Polyethylene ribbon is known as a dental floss. They help to remove dental plaque and food particles present on the teeth. Regular use of dental floss will help in controlling tooth decay and gum diseases that is commonly seen nowadays. Floss can reach those places like the gum line which is not possible using a toothbrush. It is highly recommended to do flossing everyday for maximum results.
Flossing is a technique which should be performed in the right way to achieve results. Use an 18 inch floss to clean you teeth everyday from the accumulation of plaque and food substances. Wind both ends of the floss on your middle finger and leave around 2 to 3 inches with which you can work on your teeth. Hold the thread strongly between your fingers and scratch the sides of your teeth. When it reaches the base of the tooth, slowly and gently rub the floss on the gums. Do not use your floss harshly as it can lead to bruises on the delicate gums. Repeat the same techniques till you clean every teeth and performing this act everyday will give you a healthy and strong teeth.
There are two types of dental floss which are present nowadays.
• Nylon- It is available in various flavours. As it is composed of many strand of nylon it can sometimes be harmful for the gums especially when it comes to tight contact places.
• PTFE- It is made up of monofilament and slides easily in between the teeth and helps in removing debris and plaque.
Dental flossing is recommended by all the dentists in London for protecting your teeth from decay and preventing gum diseases.