07 Dec

London dentists replace lost teeth with dental bridges

Replacing lost teeth is vital in ensuring the long term health of your mouth. You might have suffered a loss or losses from a an accident or through tooth decay, either way you should get them replaced quickly so that the remaining teeth do not begin to shift into the gaps. Having such a gap might make eating and drinking painful and difficult and leave you feeling embarrassed about smiling and finding social situations more awkward.
The three varieties of dental bridge on offer rectify tooth loss in different ways. Traditional or fixed bridges involve the fusing of a pontic (false tooth) between two crowns. This method gives extra stability by anchoring the crowns to neighbouring teeth. It is especially ideal if a single tooth has been lost and the rest of the mouth is generally healthy. In the case of resin-bonded or Maryland-bonded bridges, plastic pontics are fitted in gaps at the front of your mouth. This process preserves the natural look of your mouth by concealing the resin. If your front teeth are more vulnerable you might have a cantilever bridge where a pontic is fused to one side instead of two.
Your dentist might have to shave off a little of one of your existing teeth to make sure that that pontic and the bridge have enough room. The pontic will be constructed in a lab using impressions that have come from moulds taken of your teeth. In the mean time you will need to wear a temporary bridge which keeps the area protected and ready for the permanent replacement. Being sure to check that the replacement fits perfectly with your bite, your dentist will fit it with dental cement
Contact your London dentist today if you have lost a tooth and need dental bridge work to restore the well-being of your mouth.