23 Dec

London dentists save lives by diagnosing oral cancer early

Oral cancer is one of the nastiest conditions that can affect your mouth. This extremely serious disease has a fairly high survival rate but treatment can only be effective if it is diagnosed early. By looking out for patches on the soft tissue of your mouth that are red and white and do not fade, your dentist can play a vital part in being vigilant for the early signs of oral cancer.
The groups that are at the highest risk of contracting oral cancer are men – twice as likely as women – and those who smoke tobacco and drink alcohol. But it is worth remembering that about a quarter of all patients are not from these higher risk categories. Even if you are a woman who doesn’t smoke or drink you too should be on the look out for the early signals of oral cancer and keep up your routine of visiting your dentist every six months so your mouth can be checked by a professional.
Your dentist will be looking out for rusty coloured spots or small swellings on the inside of the mouth which can mean the very early stages of oral cancer. You ought to inform your dentist if, without any apparent cause, your mouth begins to bleed or you suddenly lose weight. If your mouth is especially sore while eating or drinking, this too is worth reporting to your dentist as it too could be an early sign of the disease.
Be sure to carry on visiting your dentist every six months and keep up a healthy, balanced diet while avoiding tobacco excess alcohol. These lifestyle habits can lessen your chances of contracting oral cancer which can be extremely painful and inconvenient to say the least.