11 Oct

London Dentists Talks about Fresh Breath

It is very embarrassing when your breath stinks, so your London dentist will give you advice about maintaining fresh breath. There are many things that you can do at home to keep your breath fresh and clean. These include, watching what you eat as some foods make your breath smell bad, and the poor breath doesn’t resolve itself until these foods are metabolised by your body and expired into the air. Use fluoride-based toothpaste when you brush, and you should brush for at least two minutes and also floss, twice daily. Try to avoid mouthwashes if your breadth begins to smell, as these can possibly make the situation even worse. Mouthwashes usually remove the bacteria in your mouth above your gum tissue, and you can get an overgrowth of sulphur-producing bacteria below your gums that smell even worse. If your mouth is dry, you can use sugarless candies or sugarless gum to stimulate your saliva to wash away bacteria.
You should visit your London dentist for regular checkups, even if you feel that nothing in your mouth requires attention. You may have a cavity or cavities that you do not notice yourself that can cause bad breath, or an infected tooth or teeth. You may also have gum and/or periodontal problems that you will not notice until they get very severe and cause you pain. This can cause bad breath. Also, lifestyle changes can help you to keep your breadth fresh and clean. If you smoke, consider quitting. Try to cut down on alcohol consumption as it has been shown to be associated with periodontal disease. If you are taking medications for medical problems, and your mouth is dry, visit your dentist and see what can be done. There are several things that they can do and/or prescribe for your problem. All in all, stay in good health, and the mouth is not separate from the rest of the body, so visit your London dentist regularly.