04 Aug

London dentists tell patients all about chewing gum benefits

In the past chewing gum did not exactly have a great reputation. It seemed to be synonymous with rebellious youth and perhaps even a disrespectful attitude. Nowadays, more and more people are recognising that chewing gum can actually have dental benefits. Read on to find out more about how chewing chewing gum can help you with your oral hygiene.
Part of the problem with chewing gum in the past was that it was full of sugar so if you were chewing it then, all the time it was in your mouth, you were exposing your teeth to high levels of plaque, the substance that causes tooth decay and cavities. Now chewing gum tends overwhelmingly to be free from sugar and people are realising the potential benefits of chewing it.
Of course brushing your teeth is always preferable but if you are in a situation where you cannot brush your teeth then chewing gum can perform some of the same functions if not to quite the same level. The motion of chewing helps to dislodge food debris which might be hanging around in the mouth, ready to form plaque. The motion also stimulates saliva which has a dual function: it fights plaque naturally and helps to combat dry mouth.
If you are out and about and don’t have access to your tooth brush then why not chew a little gum after eating so that your teeth are helped out in the fight against plaque? It will also freshen your breath so that when you interact with people you won’t emit unpleasant smells from your mouth. Always feel free to ask your dentist in London for more advice about these and other matters.