11 Apr

London dentists tell patients that dental bridges are a good option for replacing lost teeth

Losing some teeth can be a traumatic experience indeed and you might feel that, in the process, your dignity has been compromised. The main causes of tooth loss are gum disease, dental decay and one off accidents affecting the mouth. The important next step is to get the teeth replaced so that your mouth can regain the highest possible levels of functionality. Things like eating and talking rely on you having a full set of teeth, otherwise these simple activities will be rendered that much more difficult.
Some people decide to have dental implants to replace lost teeth. This is popular option because it is very secure and permanent but it does require some surgery. Others opt for dentures because they are totally removable. Many people feel that dental bridges are the right option for them. Dental bridge work basically involves securing a false tooth to the surrounding teeth using strong dental bonding.
There are several different types of dental bridge work depending on the circumstances of your tooth loss. Your dentist will need to assess what the state of your surrounding teeth is. If it is deemed that the teeth adjacent to the gap are not of sufficient strength then dental bridge work might not be possible. This is because it puts a certain strain on the teeth which are attached to the new crown. In many cases dental bridge work can be carried out by attaching the crown on one side only.
Dental bridge work can also be combined with the afore mentioned dental implants where the false tooth secured into the implant supports a dental bridge of replacement teeth. Your London dentist will be able to give you a full consultation to determine whether dental bridge work is the right option for you.