17 May

London dentists tell patients that they must get abscessed teeth treated quickly

It is common sense to report persistent dental pain to your London dentist. It might well be nothing serious at all but it could be that you have developed an abscess in your mouth. This is a potentially grave situation and one that needs to be treated so that the problem does not get a lot worse. Abscesses can happen as the result of a bad accident which has affected your mouth and severely damaged one or more of your teeth. Chronic dental pain will often be accompanied by swelling in the face and a nasty build up of pus in the afflicted area of your mouth.
Blood clots are a possible consequence of leaving an abscess untreated and the infection can spread through the blood stream and cause related ailments in a different area of your body. Accidents are not the only way you can get an abscessed tooth, in fact dental decay is just as much of a common cause, as is gum disease.
Antibiotics might be required to clear up the infection or, if it is more severe your dentist might need to carry out root canal treatment if the infection has originated within the tooth, in the pulp chamber. In the most heinous of cases, a tooth might effectively be ‘dead’ as it has lost all of its functionality and then it will have to be removed by your London dentist as part of the effort to stop the infection from getting any worse.
Any persistent pain the mouth accompanied by swelling should be taken seriously and reported to your dentist because it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the health and well being of your teeth.