12 Jul

London Dentists use Hypnosis

There have been several cases of patients getting befuddled when their London dentist asks them to go to a hypnotherapist. You stop to think, “What is the relation between dentistry and hypnosis?” Though it is an indirect approach, most dentists in London refer their patients to a hypnotherapist to ally the fears in the mind of the patient that might serve as a hindrance to the treatment method.

There are several misconceptions about dental treatments that are doing the rounds such that individuals view routine dental checkups with skepticism. Hence it becomes pertinent that patients undergo hypnotic treatment before any dental solution can be administered on them. But there are reasons as well why your dentist will ask you to consult a hypnotherapist. Certain patients have problems adjusting to dental appliances such as protective equipments and hence the dentist refers them for hypnosis only if the patient accedes to it.
Some of the other reasons of using hypnosis are:
• Mitigating pain and other related discomforts.
• To maintain the patient’s comfort during long strenuous dental procedures.
• Appending dental habits.
• Reducing the usage of anesthetics and analgesics.
• Prevention of gagging and nausea
• Control of saliva flow and bleeding.
These are some of the reasons why dentists refer their patients to a hypnotherapist. The only precaution that a dentist must take is that the hypnotherapy must be administered under the complete consent of the patient except in cases of emergency with the patient being unconscious. So the next time your dentist asks you to go for hypnotic treatment don’t be surprised.