28 Jan

London digs out the rot with Root Canal Treatment

Unless you have the extremely resilient teeth and are the best at keeping them clean, you may well suffer from some form of tooth decay at some point in your life in London and depending on how bad it is decides what sort of treatment you will have. Decay is caused by plaque in the beginning which will eat away at the surfaces of your teeth if left alone; caries can form and cause you discomfort, but at this early stage, a filling will suffice to remedy the problem. If it is left though and breaks through the enamel and into the inside of the tooth, the pulp and roots will become infected and if the tooth is to be saved, then you will need to have root canal treatment in order to clear away the rot. First the pulp will be taken out so that your dentist can then remove the roots; most dentists in the city have access to laser surgery so this can be done quickly and painlessly today- unlike before, so seek out a surgery that offers this. Once the tooth is empty and has been disinfected, it can then be filled again and if need be, crowned. Remember, with this level of decay, you run the risk of losing the tooth and an abscess breaking out- something to avoid so, get your teeth sorted out quickly should you feel things are going wrong.