06 Jul

London exhibitions show off new dental Products

There are a so many newer dental products always coming in to the dental market that its hard to keep up. But it’s necessary to keep a close eye on the latest and best medications and products to offer your patients for a great dental practice. I will now be starting a short series of the best products I’ve found to be interesting for dentists. And these will definitely add to your clinical practice.
As you very well excessive bleeding can be really difficult to maintain after extractions. I’ve had patients who’ve come back after extractions with blood seeping out of their mouths as they had excessive bleeding. But now you can nip this problem in the bud by offering patients Hemodettes which are a really great new lubricating haemostatic gel recently introduced by DUX dental in London. It is packed in easily disposable plastic cups with two cotton pellets to avoid contamination. Price ranges from £21.00
Another great material recently out is the Denpress® Impression Material Dispensing System. It is will fit all types of 50mL cartridges for dental impression materials. It contains a gun, three plunger racks and two breaches. The racks and breaches are interchangeable. Its light weight material is strong enough to withstand repeated steam sterilizations. You can use these for all your impression materials and its best handled by your assistant who can fill in the cartridges and then hand it to you. Easy to use and really helpful!
Keep in touch for a even listing of a few more newer products every few days or so. Don’t want to bore you!