01 Mar

London folk regain their Old Smile

Our teeth also age as we traverse through the different phases of life. There is no escape from ageing process of teeth, and the resultant decay and deterioration in their health. But with rapid advancements in the modern-day dentistry, the ill effects of ageing on teeth can be conveniently arrested.

Dental implants represent an ideal specimen of the improving technological standards in dentistry. Quite simply, dental implants refer to the highly sophisticated technique of implanting the artificial teeth in place of the missing or irreparably damaged tooth or teeth. Though they are artificial in every aspect, yet the results achieved are about the same as the natural teeth. 

It may seem straightforward, but dental implants involve high level of skills to successfully fit in the patient’s jaw. Essentially, dental implants are tiny titanium stubs that are fitted inside the jaw so that an artificial tooth can be affixed easily. For the uninitiated, use of titanium is one of the latest and most successful innovations in dentistry. If the entire denture needs replacement, even that can be done through bridge implants, which involves bridging several implants and then inserting in the jaw.

  Mostly, dental implants are used in case of decaying teeth. However, this technique can also be successfully used in case of extensive damage to the teeth due to accidental causes. The overall results of dental implants are the preservation of facial structure, prevention of bone deterioration, making your life simpler by aiding in easy chewing and biting food, and above all, regaining your old infectious smile that was lost in due course. 

The dental implants don’t require any special nursing but surely, you must look after your implants well. Regular cleaning, brushing, flossing, and check ups form the basic maintenance routines for healthy dental implants.