27 Aug

London Patients See Dentist For mouth ulcers

London dental patients have been seen by the local London dentistry for problems dealing with ulcers or more commonly, canker sores. These ulcers are simply open sores in the mouth and can be caused by a variety of reasons. They appear as a white sore in the mouth. You can not pass an ulcer on to someone else as they are not contagious.
Causes of mouth ulcers include injuries sustained by bighting the cheek of tongue, an allergic reaction to something, an immune system response to some outside agent to include chemicals, large amounts of stress, a B12, iron, or folic acid deficiency in the diet, using mouthwash or toothpaste with SLS in it, viral infections related to herpes simplex or the foot and mouth disease, Han, problems with the intestines, and cancer of the mouth.
The lining of the mouth is opened due to one of the problems listed above and bacteria gets inside. The toxins from the bacteria are released and the cells around the ulcer are killed. This is the reason some ulcers get larger and hurt much more. If you find you have an ulcer, you need to see your doctor, if it does not go away within a week or two or if it starts hurting more. Ulcers that do not go away within a month could be mouth cancer in rare instances.
Simple mouth ulcers can be treated with a warm salt water gargle, using a teething gel for the pain, carmellose gelatin paste over the ulcer as a protective covering, and Paracetamol. Treatment should need no more than a week to heal the ulcer. If it does not, a trip to the dentist is necessary.