24 Feb

London prefers the Porcelain Veneer

If age is starting to get the better of your teeth and problems have started to appear, you needn’t worry too much because help is at hand just around the corner. London loves a little cosmetic dentistry and there is none cuter than the porcelain veneer to hold off the problems that comes with ageing. The reason why this treatment continues to be popular is because porcelain is a beautiful material- it works wonders with light and is a perfect match to the enamel in your teeth. Once you have been measured up, this tiny, frail looking little covering will be made up in a lab and once it returns all the dentist has to do is cement it into place, and then it multiplies in strength. Not only will it look unbelievable, but several of these fitted at once can restore the length of you teeth, hide away any cracks in the enamel, eradicate gapping and cover up any signs of receding in your gums. And they are durable too; porcelain is very resistant to staining and as long as you look after them, you will get at least 15 years of service out of them.